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The official name of the UAW is “United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, UAW. Most people refer to us as simply “UAW”. We are divided into 11 Regions throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. There are five sectors in the UAW, consisting of Auto, Aerospace, Agricultural Implement, Independent Parts and Suppliers (IPS), and Technical Office and Professional (TOP). Region 4 includes the nine north-central states of Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. The vast majority of membership is concentrated in the four states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota, where we have over 55,000 active and 78,000 retired members. Each Region is guided by an elected Director, ours being Ron McInroy.

Our Region is one of the most diverse in the UAW. We’re in manufacturing; building such things as autos, fire trucks, military vehicles, cotton pickers, tractors, heavy construction engines and equipment, heating & air conditioning equipment, bathroom fixtures, generators, high tech weapons and guidance systems. But we’re also lawyers, nurses, casino workers, librarians, engineers, counselors, writers, child care specialists, college professors, school and credit union staff. No matter what we have chosen for our life’s work, we all realize that we can have a better life for ourselves and our families by joining together to insist on being treated with fairness and dignity. In fact, the historical success of our union has set the standard that both union and non-union workers have come to enjoy.

Our Region services 180 local unions with 206 collective bargaining agreements. Our Regional Director oversees a team of dedicated UAW staff - each with many years of real world experience- whose responsibility includes servicing, political action, organizing, education, auditing and serving our retired members.

We place a high priority on education in our Region, and we are the only UAW Region that has its own free-standing education center. Located on the banks of the Illinois river, the Pat Greathouse UAW Education Center in Ottawa, IL hosts over 2,500 UAW leaders and members each year. Here they learn how to be leaders and contributors in their local unions and the communities in which they live. Members learn new skills, such as collective bargaining, grievance handling, strategic planning, labor history, public speaking, community service, and political action. In addition, many conferences are held for our standing committees.

We believe strongly that a truly democratic society must have a system of checks and balances, because unbridled power is an open door to corruption and abuse. We believe that as the greatest nation on earth, we have a responsibility to each other to provide opportunities for unlimited success, while maintaining a minimum standard of living floor which no citizen can fall through. We work toward those goals through collective bargaining, organizing, political action and community service.

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