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So you want to become a LUDL?

UAW leadership sessions set at Black Lake

Leadership classes are held three times a year and offer our members the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills. See the information below and contact the regional office for more information.

Visit the Black Lake website too!

So you want to become a LUDL?

What is a LUDL? 

A LUDL is a Local Union Discussion Leader that is trained, certified and qualified to supplement Educational Staff in the following areas (just to name a few):

  • Arbitration
  • Collective Bargaining Workshop
  • Communications
  • Grievance Handlers’ and Bargaining Representatives’ Workshop
  • High School Labor Studies
  • Labor Programming on Public and Cable TV
  • Leadership Skills
  • New Local or New Unit Program
  • New Member Orientation
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • Strike Information Program
  • Summer School Sessions
  • Time Study

Delegates interested in applying for a LUDL position for the region should ask their Local Union President to write Director, Ronald D. McInroy a letter of recommendation. Please include a résumé with this letter. The Director will review all presented materials and will ultimately recommend a delegate (1 delegate is selected from each region per year) to attend an intensive five week Fellowship Program at Black Lake in Onaway, MI. This program will include UAW members from various sections of the country who have also been selected to participate as well. In an educational environment, delegates will be provided with the training and tools needed to become effective local leaders. This is also a wonderful opportunity to discuss and learn more about current concerns to unions, labor history, labor law and other related subject matter.

Please send all LUDL letters of recommendation and résumés to:
Region 4 UAW
680 Barclay Blvd.
Lincolnshire, IL 60069
Attn: Director’s Office

To view the LUDL informational flyer click here.


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