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We place a high priority on education in our Region, and we are the only UAW Region that has its own free-standing education center. Located on the banks of the Illinois river, the Pat Greathouse UAW Education Center in Ottawa,Illinois hosts over 2,500 UAW leaders and members each year. Here they learn how to be leaders and contributors in their local unions and the communities in which they live. Members learn new skills, such as collective bargaining, grievance handling, strategic planning, labor history, public speaking, community service, and political action. In addition, many conferences are held for our standing committees.

The Walter and May Reuther Family Education Center embodies the UAW's commitment to education, also. Each year, thousands of UAW members and their families participate in one of the many International UAW's education programs and conferences at this unique education center on the shores of Black Lake in northern Michigan.

Education Coordinator

Bradley Schwanda (847.459.3888)


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