IPS & TOP Councils - Pooled Arbitration Fund Membership Information

December 4, 2020

In response to the expansion of Region 4’s Local membership, below is information regarding enrollment in the Region 4 IPS and TOP Councils, and Pooled Arbitration Fund. Included are bylaws for each, which is where you can find the purpose and benefits of participating in this fund. Also, below is a copy of the per capita tax form used in paying monthly per capita to the Pooled Arbitration Fund, plus a copy of my letter explaining the grievance screening process for arbitration.

In order to affiliate with the IPS Pooled Arbitration Plan, a Local must first join either the IPS or TOP Council. The payment of Council dues is required annually each January 1st, according to the attached schedule.

Item #4 of the Pooled Arbitration Fund Bylaws indicates the amount of per capita tax to be paid to the Pooled Arbitration Fund, and when it is due. Also below are the Pooled Arbitration forms for payments.

Item #5 of the Pooled Arbitration Fund Bylaws require local unions who have not belonged before to the Pooled Arbitration Fund must pay one (1) year back dues and the current year’s dues at the time of affiliation. Please feel free to contact me at 847-459-3888 if you have further questions. 

In solidarity

Ted Dever, Coordinator
Region 4 Arbitration Fund & IPS/TOP Councils

The letters and forms are available for download as PDFs below.