V-CAP T-Shirts for Sale

As you are aware, the UAW has established Wednesdays as “Red Shirt” Day. This is a way for
our members to show solidarity and support the working class of America. Attached is a flyer
for the 2020 Region 4 V-CAP t-shirt. Your voluntary t-shirt purchase will go towards furthering
UAW goals: strengthening our membership by connecting them to the political process,
developing community leaders and elected officials who listen, respond, and represent the
needs of our members and communities.

Our members and their families are facing many challenges including the 2020 elections. The
outcomes of these elections will impact us for generations. Electing lawmakers who
understand that a healthy democracy represents all Americans rather than the wealthy few is
critical. We are up against a well-financed, aggressive anti-worker coalition. However,
collectively, your V-CAP t-shirt purchase will help elect candidates who support working
Americans, protecting the best interest of our members and citizens. Wearing your shirt is a
positive statement of workers standing together, in solidarity, for the health, wealth, and safety
of us all.

The attached flyer for t-shirt sales will be arriving by email and post from your state legislative
coordinators to your local union, in addition to order forms.

I look forward to a successful 2020 V-CAP Drive.

Ronald D. McInroy
Regional Director