2023 Contract Negotiations

Ratification Meeting Questions

  • Is the lump sum bonus based off hours worked?

    • Yes, the 4% lump sum payments will be (hours worked in previous year multiplied by the employee’s wage at eligibility date multiplied by 4.0%).

  • Does PAA (blue-card) still run April to April?

Here is a summary of the highlights of the recently approved tentative agreement to start reviewing. You can compare the sections referenced in the document with the sections in the 2017 agreement to see how much of a change it is from that agreement. 


If the link does not work, the file can be found in our files section on this website. 

Late on February 28, a tentative contract agreement was reached between the UAW and Caterpillar. Further details about the agreement and ratification voting will be released soon. 

All members should continue to report for their regularly scheduled shifts at the plant. 

We are in the final hours of the 2017-2023 Labor Agreement. For many of you this is your first contract negotiation and it is a very uncertain time. You do not have a lot of information about what is going on and what information you are getting is vague at best. The nature of negotiations means that everything is in flux until there is a final agreement.  Things are constantly being tweaked here and there to make other proposals work.

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