UAW LOCAL 2096 RETIREES PONTIAC, ILLINOIS January 17, 2024 ATTENDING: • Gary Abney, Jerome & Debbie Belter, John Boomgarden, Howard Brogan, Harold & Bernie Brown, Ken & Judy Crawford, Dave Gremaud, Pat Hogan, Connie Lacombe, Greg Masters, Bryan Nelson, Ray Schnell, Larry Stine, Bob Wing, Rod Wolf, Sam & Vicki Lee. MINUTES: • Dave Gremaud held a prayer before we ate. • The meeting was called to order by Chairman Ken Crawford. • Connie Lacombe led the pledge of allegiance. • A motion to accept the December meeting minutes was made by Larry Stine and 2nd by Rod Wolf. • A motion to accept the December financial report read by Dave Gremaud was made by Bob Wing and 2nd by Harold Brown. • Retirees Gene Denick 79 passed away December 27, 2023, Joan Allen 86 passed away January 11, 2024. • Ken still has 2024 magnetic calendars. • Ken reported that ringing the bell at County Market went very well and there was a lot of money donated. • The February membership meeting for Local 2096, UAW will be Sunday, February 11, 2024. • The February retiree meeting will be Wednesday, February 21st 9:30am at Pontiac Family Kitchen. • A motion to accept the Chairman’s report was made by Harold Brown and 2nd by Dave Gremaud. • Jerome Belter won the 50/50 drawing of $26.00. • A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Ray Schnell and 2nd by Greg Masters. Submitted by, Sam Lee Recording Secretary UAW Local 2096 Retirees