Recreation and Conservation Committee

This committee provides a variety of opportunities that fall into two categories: recreation, which includes leisure time activities, and conservation, which includes environmental concerns.

It has been proven that in today’s busy work environments, people need to combat stress with quality family and individual leisure activities. If you enjoy organizing events such as bowling leagues, hunting trips, sporting events, team sport competitions and the like, then the Conservation and Recreation Committee could be your committee of choice!

The International Conservation & Recreation Department hosts the UAW International Bowling Championship Finals each year. Single bowlers and teams advance through their Regional Tournaments to participate in this proud UAW tradition.

This committee is also an avenue to explore if you are interested in making sure all citizens have access to clean air, clean water, and parks. The Conservation and Recreation Committee’s focus is not limited to your neighborhood or state, but includes national and global issues that affect us all. The Education Department has created a workshop titled Citizen Earth: A Call for Collective Action that explores the connection between pollution and our health and well-being. It also provides tips on how simple changes in our behavior can have big payoffs for the planet we share. Your local union leadership can request a copy of this curriculum kit through your Servicing Rep.