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Voting is a vitally important right and duty of every American citizen. As a member of the UAW, we further encourage you to be active in the political process of our country. Any gains that we make at the bargaining table can be easily taken away by some elected politician through legislation. It is vitally important to elect representatives that will look out for our best interests as working Americans. We need everyone to get out and make your voices heard in the elections. To help with this, here is a link to a tool that will tell you where your polling place is. 

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For many of our membership, this will be their first contract. Our International Education office has produced this document that answers many basic questions about the collective bargaining process and what to expect the next few weeks.

On Jan. 9th, the Company and Union began local contract negotiations. After two weeks of intense discussions and disagreements, with both sides having their own set of demands, we made positive strides towards reaching a new contract agreement.

2023 Contract negotiations had their official opening on Jan 5. Opening positions from the UAW and the company were both presented. On Monday, Jan 9, Local Agreement discussions will begin for up to 2 weeks at each plant. After that the Central Agreement negotiations will begin until there is an aggreement or an impasse is reached. 

Upcoming events in the next few weeks will include:

Strike Authorization Vote, 2nd t-shirt distribution, & picket duty sign up. All of these are standard things that happen every contract.

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