Citizenship and Legislative Committee (CAP)

The citizenship and legislative committee, most often referred to as the community action program (CAP), is the political-legislative arm of the local union and the vital workplace political activator. Suppose you believe that the people we elect significantly impact the political climate for working families and want your voice heard. In that case, this is the committee to join. CAP committee members work on identified key issues adopted by convention action.

This agenda includes:

  • Protecting workers’ rights
  • Fair trade
  • Health and safety
  • Other issues that affect working families

These issues are given priority based on, among other things, urgency and geography. We support candidates who support and fight for our agenda. The CAP committee assists in voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives, dollar drives, letter-writing campaigns, and publicizing public officials' issues and positions. This is the committee for hands-on political experiences that allow you to grow and learn.