Standing Committees

Across our union, thousands of UAW members participate in one or more local union standing committees. They are rewarded by a feeling of accomplishment, working with their co-workers on meaningful projects, and “being the change” they want to see for working people. But we need many more activists at the table to help.

By working every day to develop and expand our standing and other committees, we can help meet the needs of our members and community, limited only by our creativity and commitment.

Article 44 of the UAW Constitution requires each local union to establish 11 identified standing Committees, they are:

· Constitution and Bylaws

· Union Label

· Education

· Conservation and Recreation

· Community Services

· Civil and Human Rights

· Citizenship and Legislative (also known as CAP)

· Consumer Affairs

· Veterans

· Women’s

· Organizing

If you are interested in some independent study training, Region 4 has an online institute that offers many courses to deepen your education about our union. These courses can be taken any time and at your own pace. Subjects range from UAW history, standing committee basics, basic grievance knowledge, and many others. To take advantage of these opportunities, you will need to create an account and register with the Region.