April 2, 1964 was the day UAW Local 893 was voted to be the exclusive bargaining agent for the employees of Fisher Controls Marshalltown IA. This was the beginning of UAW Local 893. On August 1, 1964, the first contract between Unit 1 and Fisher Controls was ratified. In 1964, there were about 900 people working and during the following years about all joined the Union. In the heydays of the seventies over 1800 members were employed. Since then there has been a constant loss of Rank and File workers. In 1994 we were back at 888 people. After the rationalization plan in 1995 the rank and file workforce was at about 575 people. Since then our workforce numbers currently have dropped approximately 270 to 280.


 Unit 1 Chairperson       Brad Fuller

Shop Chairperson           Jayson Mull

Committee Members   Brandon Schleisman, Jason Brown, Bruce Rook

Rec/Secretary                   Shelley  Jones

UAW Local 893 Amalgamated

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