The UAW is proud of the important role that retirees play in our union. Our union’s retirees and surviving spouses belong to the Local Union Retired Workers Chapters and Women’s Auxiliaries, as well as Area Retired Workers Councils. It is this structure that enables our retirees and retiree associate members to have a strong voice – not only in our union, but also in the communities and states where they live.

UAW retirees are activists in every sense: from community service activities to political campaigns, UAW retirees contribute their time and talents to make a difference.

As trade unionists, all of us – active and retired – have a responsibility to be politically active and work to elect politicians who will ensure that America meets the needs of all generations: a strong educational system for our young people, good-paying jobs for workers and a secure and dignified retirement for seniors.

The UAW owes a debt to those who came before us. Much was sacrificed to build this great union. We have an obligation to ensure that those who come after us benefit from a strong and vibrant UAW. With teamwork in the leadership and solidarity in the ranks, and with active and retired members working hand-in-hand, the UAW’s future will be as bright and bold as its past.

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