Women's Committee

Committee Chair
Jason Helton

Committee Members 

Shelly Jones (Fishers) Rochelle Blackford (Fishers) Nick Vollers (Lennox), Tracy Dieleman(Fishers) , Spencer Dieleman(Fishers),  Janet Lacina (Fishers)  Junior Rosales (Fishers)

Local-893-Womens-Committee-Facebook Page

Purpose of the Committee

  • To educate the women of the local union of labor’s position on local, state and national laws regarding women’s issues.
  • To build self-esteem.
  • To provide leadership and educational training for women members so that they may become more active in the local union and seek leadership positions.
  • To inform all union members about women and family issues.
  • To encourage women members to become politically active.
  • To discuss problems of women workers in the workplace with the local union leadership.
  • To become active with other labor and women’s organizations supported by the International Union, UAW in order to promote labor’s agenda.
  • To support the local union’s program.