Elected and Appointed Positions

Unit 1- Stellantis Committeemen

Tim Ferguson: Shop Chairman/Committeeman- District D Chassis (9171) Including Inspection- 815-547-2527 [email protected]

Matt Frantzen: Committeeman- District B Paint (9130) & Final (9190 Including Inspection)- 815-547-2237 [email protected]

Dan Louis: Committeeman- District A Body Shop (9110) & Stamping (4200 Including Inspection)- 815-547-2376 [email protected]

Tony Cavallaro: Committeeman- District C Trim (9150 Including Inspection)- 815-547-2228 [email protected]

Andy Ferguson: Committeeman- District E Material (3250,3330 & 3350)- 815-547-2227 [email protected]

John Stanfill: Committeeman- District F Skilled Trades (3200,3420,3450,3460 & 4260)- 815-547-2388 [email protected]


Unit 1- Stellantis Chief Stewards

LeGarrett Reed: Chief Steward- 1st Shift Dist. 5- AB/Body-Shop (9110)- 815-547-2375 & Paint Dept. (9130)- 815.547-2266  [email protected]

Joey Szakalski: Chief Steward- 1st Shift Dist.1- E Material Dept. (3250,3330,3340,& 3350)- 815-547-2622 [email protected]

Tony Montalvo: Chief Steward- 1st Shift Dist. 1- F Skilled Trades Dept. (3200, 3420, 3450, 3460 & 4260)- 815-547-2479 [email protected]

Shane Sammons: Chief Steward- 1st shift Dist.4- AC/Trim (9150 with the exception of Group 6-Door Line & Kitting) & Stamping Dept. (4200)- 815-547-8864 [email protected]

Jon Turmo: Chief Steward- 1st Shift Dist.3- D/Chassis Dept. (9171 with the exception of Groups 8 & 9)- 815-547-2491 [email protected]

Doug Simms: Chief Steward- 1st Shift Dist. 2- C/Trim Dept. (9150, Group 6 Door Line & Kitting) & Dist. D- Chassis Dept. (9171, Groups 8 & 9) & Dist. B- Final Dept. (9190)- 815-547-2428 [email protected]

Michael Witcher: Chief Steward - 2nd Shift 815-547-2226 [email protected]

Carlos Mendez: Chief Steward- 3rd Shift- 815-547-2422  [email protected]


Unit 2- Adient

Mike Dixon: Shop Chairman

Melody Good: Vice Chairman

Andrew Pierce: Recording Secretary

Gill Martinez: 1st shift Chief Steward




Unit 4- Android

Derek Allen: Shop Chairman- 815.547.3742 x233

Markus Griffin: 1st Shift Committeeman


Unit 5- syncreon

Robert Holt III: Shop Chairman- 815.547.5189

Dennis Capitosti: 1st shift Chief Steward

Brad Degenhardt, James Catlin: 1st shift Stewards


Unit 7- Oakley

Mike Virk: Shop Chairman


Unit 8- Grupo

Leo Dowthard: Shop Chairman

Kathryn Gibson: 1st shift Steward


Unit 9- SBM Management

Brent Walker: Shop Chairman- 815-547-2337

Kenny Bass: 1st Shift Committeeman

Jacquelyn Robinson: 2nd Shift Committeewoman

Catherine Murry: 3rd Shift Committeewoman


Unit 12- Boone County Clerks

Brenda Trimble: Shop Chairwoman

Kris Pearson: Alternate Committeewoman


Unit 13- HydroChem

James Stauch: Shop Chairman

April Aumann: 1st Shift Committeewoman

Ricky Romero Hicks: 2nd Shift Committeeman

Jeffery Charrier: 3rd Shift Committeeman


Unit 14- syncreon II

Chris Vernia: 1st shift Chairman


Unit 15- Piston

Raymond Smith: Chairman

Barnard Wilson: 1st shift Committeeman


Unit 16- Boone County Recorders

Laura Bettis: Chairwoman

Giselle Lenover: Alternate Committeewoman


Unit 1 Appointed Reps.

Attendance Counselor: Robert LaVoy- 815.547.2194 [email protected]

Benefit Reps:

David Ingram- 815.547.2118 [email protected]                Alternate- Laura Acosta

Charrise Staten- 815.547.2468 [email protected]         Alternate- Dawn Rogers

EAP Rep: Cale Steines- 815.547.2340 [email protected]     Alternate- Mike Williams

Ergo Rep: Jeff Gander- 815.547.2415 [email protected]

Safety Reps: Paul Frisella- 815-547-8889 [email protected]    Alternate-Stacey Cheek

Skilled Trades Safety Training: Linear Elders- 815.547.2494 [email protected]

Skilled Trades Training/Apprentice Coordinator: Mike Campa- 815.547.2330 [email protected]

(TAP)Tuition Assistant Program Rep./(LTTC) Local Technical Training Coodinator: Doug Fehr- 815.547.2362 [email protected]

Team Leader Selection Committee:

Cliff Graham- 815.547.2380 [email protected]                 Alternate: Merilee Underwood

Trina Holmes- 815.547.2381 [email protected]

 UAW WCM Joint Support:

Nichelle Cruz- 815.547.2278 [email protected]

Wanda Salvatelli- 815.547.2278 [email protected]

 UAW WCM Reps:

Tom Shank- 815.547.2413 [email protected]

Sergio Marquez- 815.547.2493 [email protected]


 Supplement Employee Coordinator: George Welitschinsky- [email protected]