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The tax credit of an additional $4,500 for union-made electric vehicles made in the U.S. is a win for UAW members, unorganized autoworkers, and the entire labor movement. The provision:

  • Supports the high standards in wages, benefits, and safety that UAW members have bargained for in the auto industry
  • Incentivizes nonunion companies to stop spending millions on union busters and to allow their workers to form their unions freely
  • Encourages U.S. auto manufacturers to bring back jobs they offshored

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Margaret Mock, Secretary Treasurer Director, UAW Women’s Department is seeking qualified UAW members.

UAW members who meet the following criteria are needed to fill one (1) Assistant Director and three (3) International Representative positions within the Women’s Department.

MUST be a member in continuous good standing of the International Union for a period of (1) year, pursuant to Article 14, section 3 of the UAW Constitution.

Candidates are encouraged to read the job qualifications and apply for the position for which they qualify.

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