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Brothers and Sisters,

We have a great charge — and a great duty — ahead of us.

In my first message as President, I said that I would communicate with you and keep you updated on major reform initiatives that we are implementing across our union. The International Executive Board has entrusted me to take this union forward, and I take that charge very seriously. I know you do, too. Our staff and our members are the backbone of this institution, and I want you to know that the IEB and I value each and every one of you and we need your help to succeed in this momentous task.

I have said that I would move swiftly to enact reforms that would strengthen this union and our resolve to move forward. With the support of the International Executive Board, we have done just that. Our reform agenda will touch every part of this union and every region.

We do this on behalf of our members, our union and this great cause of ours for the working men and women of this country.

And I say here: We need your help and support, and we welcome your feedback.

In solidarity
UAW President Rory Gamble
and the International Executive Board

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