Region 4 Chaplaincy Contact
Daniel Kandlbinder

The Chaplaincy Committee serves and respect people of all faiths, as well as those who may express no particular faith at all. The committees must maintain the understood "separation of church and state" within the union and be a confidential, non-judgmental referring body, whose sole motivation is helping our members in facing day-to-day life crises.

UAW Chaplaincy Resource Page

The UAW has an International Chaplaincy Department and Regional/Local Chaplaincy Committees that are here to serve the local leadership, and membership.

The foundation of the UAW Chaplaincy Program is built on Article 41, Section 2 of our UAW Constitution: “It shall be the duty of each member to render aid and assistance to sibling members in cases of illness, death or distress, and in every way acquit themself as a loyal and devoted member of the International Union.”

Chaplains provide spiritual support, and some chaplains are certified and ordained. This means they can perform baptisms, dedications, facilitate communion, officiate funerals and weddings. The UAW Chaplaincy Program enhances our Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and Employee Support Services Programs (ESSP). If EAP or ESSP services are needed the chaplains will assist in connecting people to their representative. Chaplains will always protect your confidentiality.

Please join us on the Chaplaincy Conference Call/WebEx every Wednesday & Friday from 12 - 1 p.m. EST. There is an additional call/WebEx on the first Monday of each Month from 7 - 8 p.m. EST. There you will find sibling members that are encouraging, uplifting, and pressing forward toward the mark in love and solidarity.

Join us at the call-in number: (248) 509-4916 - access code: 197 299 062 then press pound (#) You can also join using a computer, smart phone, or tablet by scanning the QR code below or going to, clicking on the “Members” button located at the top of the page, and at the bottom of the drop down select “UAW Chaplaincy Program.”

The resource page contains the following:
1. History on the Chaplaincy Program.
2. A link to our Chaplaincy Conference Call/WebEx.
3. A library of previous recorded Chaplaincy Conference Calls/Webex for your viewing and listening.

Visit to view the UAW chaplaincy resource page.