Women's Committee

(7) UAW Local 1268 Women's Committee | Facebook

Promotes greater understanding of the UAW’s policies and programs, and to further the objectives of our union in the communities in which we live. Conducts programs which are of special interest to women and encourages women to become active in our union.

This Committee emphasizes the importance of supporting those goods produced in union shops, by union members under union won working conditions. Also warns members about non-union products and anti-labor manufacturers.


Chairperson: Dawn Simms [email protected]

The UAW Riders Committee is a sub-committee of the Veterans Committee that is dedicated to raising motorcycle safety awareness for both riders and non-riders for fun & safe motorcycle riding, along with supporting local charities.

Chairperson: Patricia Bonner

Members: Justo Diaz, Antonio Kemp and Todd Heylmann 



A sub-committee of the Recreation Committee that promotes through education the importance of good sportsmanship and the conservation of wildlife and other natural resources.



Works to promote meaningful recreation and leisure activities.

 Chairperson: Merilee Loveridge-Underwood


Paranormal Committee

A sub-committee of the Veterans Committee that explores the existence of the unknown.

Works through public and private organizations to ensure that problems faced by our members in emergency situations get the help they need. Generally, it handles the strike insurance benefits when local unions are forced to use their economic strength.

Chairperson: Nichelle Cruz

Members: Austin Gore, Shanta Dempsey, Yasman Porter, Antonio Kemp, Carol Harris, Linda Brenden, and Mary Carmack, Mike Dixon