About Us

Local 1268 is an Amalgamated Local with a membership of over 4,500 active and retired brothers and sisters. Our membership that is represented are county & city employees, janitorial, industrial janitorial service, Jeep assembly plant along with several part suppliers.

Local UAW 1268 is an Amalgamated Local consisting of 12 units:

Unit 1- Stellantis Belvidere Assembly Plant
Unit 2- Adient
Unit 4- Android
Unit 5- syncreon
Unit 7- Oakley Industries
Unit 8- Grupo Antolin
Unit 9- SBM Management
Unit 12- Boone County Clerks
Unit 13- HydroChem
Unit 14- syncreon II
Unit 15- Piston
Unit 16- Boone County Recorders

MISSION STATEMENT: Our purpose is to inform, update and provide our members, active as well as retired, with accurate information, timely and important alerts for special meetings, as well as reminders of upcoming events, useful information, and helpful links. It is also our goal to encourage the membership's involvement and to strengthen solidarity amongst our brothers and sisters.


Vice President
2nd Vice President
Recording Secretary
Financial Secretary
Unit 1- Stellantis Shop Chairman
Unit 2- Adient Shop Chairman
Unit 4 - Android Shop Chairman
Unit 5- syncreon Shop Chairman
Unit 7- Oakley Shop Chairman
Unit 8- Grupo Shop Chairman
Unit 9- SBM Management Chairman
Unit 12- Boone County Clerks Chairwoman
Unit 13- HydroChem Shop Chairman
Unit 14- syncreon II Chairman
Unit 15- Piston Shop Chairman
Unit 16- Boone County Recorders Chairwoman