Brad Dutcher

Brad Dutcher joined the UAW in 1986 when he was hired into the General Motors Assembly plant in Janesville, Wisconsin.

He was first elected to Local 95 Leadership in 1993 as Bargaining Representative. He served in this role for six years. Brad was elected Vice President in 2001, where he remained until 2008 when he was elected Local Union President.

A Journeyman Carpenter by trade, Dutcher served on the Bylaws, Conservation, Building and Editors committees at Local 95. Dutcher was a member of the Janesville/Madison area CAP board and served on the Wisconsin State CAP Executive Board.

He was appointed to the International Staff as a Servicing Representative by President Ron Gettlefinger in July of 2008.

In addition to his Servicing duties, Brad served as Region 4 Coordinator for the Skilled Trades, IPS and TOP Councils, and the Region 4 Arbitration Pool.

In June of 2010, Brad was appointed Assistant Director by Director Ron McInroy.

Brad serves as a Vice President on the Executive Board of the Illinois AFL-CIO.

He is married to wife, Dona and has 3 children and 6 grandchildren.