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 Job Openings
Maintenance Mechanics and Electricians
MBL [USA] UAW Local 2323
Ottawa, IL
Starting Wage Certified* $25.69 Annual GWI per CBA
Starting Wages Non-Certified $21.91 Raise after 6 mos. $22.34 then GWI per CBA Read more >>>

March is Women’s History Month. From the sit-down strikes of 1936-37 through the war years of Rosie the Riveter, from the postwar fight for jobs to today’s campaigns for pay equity and safe workplaces, women have played a key role in UAW history. Side by side, women and men are building a stronger union every day. We salute UAW women everywhere. Here’s the story of one noteworthy UAW woman: Dottie Jones.... Read more >>>

Exhibition DVDs are now available. Purchases will greatly aid the wide distribution and promotion of this important film, especially toward the effort to educate and activate young generations. Attached is an Order Form for your convenience.

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